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World War II United States Naval Submarine Operations against the Empire of Japan

Figure 1.  Photographed through the periscope of USS Thresher (SS-200) in January 1944, a torpedoed Japanese merchant ship sinks in the Pacific. Courtesy National Archives



Thomas D. Clay, Jr.

Aviation Electronics Technician 1st Class

(Air Warfare/Naval Air Crewman)

United States Navy (Retired)



    - words and terms to understand

    - the premise of this paper

    - the development of the American


    - the men who made it happen

    - radar, sonar, and other gizmos used

    - development of the weapon that enforced

the blockade

    - conduct of the submarine war in the


    - the results and analysis of submarine

operations, &

conclusion of the


US Submarine Losses in World War II


  Top 25 US Submarine Skippers by Number of

                                  Ships and Tonnage Sunk

  Top 25 WW II US Submarines by Number of

                                  Ships Sunk

  Top 25 WW II US Submarines by Tonnage


  Best USN Submarine War Patrols by Number

                                  of Ships Sunk

  Best USN Submarine War Patrols by Tonnage


  Number of Airmen Rescued by Submarine


  Tonnage Sunk by US Submarines in World

                                  War II in the Pacific

  Effectiveness of Submarines, First of the

Month Tonnages of the Japanese Merchant Fleet in World War II, and Decline of Japanese Imports During World War II

  Monthly Losses of Japanese Merchant Fleet in

                                World War II

  Total Number of Japanese Ships Sunk by

Cause, Japanese Merchant Shipping Loss (Tonnage) by Cause, Japanese Ships Sunk by Month, and Month-Year and Tonnage Sunk by Submarines


Figure 2 - Victim of USS Seawolf*


* Unless otherwise noted, all images are from the Naval History Center.



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